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KITCO Fiber Optics
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Expert in Fiber Optics Training, Field Services Tool Kits & Cable Assemblies
Field Services

KITCO’s Field Services Team was a logical outgrowth to our industry training expertise and now sets the standard for fiber optic connectivity support. Our highly skilled team can reliably troubleshoot, terminate, splice (fusion and mechanical) and provide final system testing for a wide range of fiber optic applications from conventional to Blown Optical Fiber (BOF). As of March 2016 our technicians have completed all eight modules of the NAVSEA 8477552A, Navy Shipboard Fiber Optic Training Certification Program. KITCO’s Field Service Team is prepared to respond to your fiber optic requirements anytime, anywhere – rapidly providing the best solutions for overcoming system problems or delays.

We provide some of the nation’s largest defense contractors and government agencies with quality on-site termination and testing support. Our professionally managed and fully certified staff has both the experience and ability to deliver the highest quality fiber optic installations. Our significant experience in the field allows us to perform scheduled jobs under contract as well as to respond to any emergency situations that may arise. We offer a wealth of knowledge and state-of-the-art termination and test equipment to go along with our field service project managers and technicians. We believe doing the job correctly the first time will not only reinforce our excellent reputation but augment the value offered to our customer by consistently meeting both time and budget constraints.

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Customer/ Platform
AADS- Amphibious Assault Direction System
ACINT- Acoustic Intelligence Subsystem
ADI- Aegis Display System
ADMACS- Aviation Data Management and Control System
ADNS- Automated Digital Networking System
ADS- Aegis Display System
AIEWS- Advanced Integrated Electronic Warfare System
AN SLQ-25 NIXIE- Torpedo Counter Measure System
AOCD- Advanced Operator Control Device
ARCI- Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion
ASDS- Advanced Sensor Distribution System
ASWCS- Anti Submarine Warfare Combat System
ADMACS- Aviation Data Management and Control System
BEWT- Battle Force Electronic Warfare Trainer
BLII- Base Level Information Infrastructure
BYG-1- Tactical Weapons Control
CASS/OMS- Consolidated Automated Support System/Onboard Management System
CCS- Combat Control Subsystem
CDLMS- Common Data Link Management System
CSTS- Combat Simulation Test System
CIWS- Close In Weapons System
EPTMS- Electrical Plant Temperature Monitoring System
ESMS- Electronic Surveillance Measures Subsystem
FODMS- Fiber Optic Data Multiplexing System
GCCS-M- Global Command and Control System - Maritime
IBS- Integrated Bridge System
ICAN- Integrated Communications and Advanced Networks
IPDS- Improved Point Detection System
ISC- Integrated Ship Controls
ISNS- Integrated Shipboard Network Systems
IVCS- Integrated Voice Communications System
JBPDS- Joint Biological Point Detection System
JMPS- Joint Mission Planning System
LWWAA- Light Weight Wide Aperture Array
MWS- MORIAH Wind System
NAVSSI- Navigation Sensor System Interface
NDDS- Navigation Data Distribution System
NITES- Navy Integrated Tactical Environmental System
NSSMS- NATO SeaSparrow Surface Missile System
NSFS- Naval Surface Fire Support
NSS- Network
PCSU- Portable Ship Control Unit
RAIDS- Rapid Anti-Ship Missile Integrated Defense System
RAM- Rolling Airframe Missiles
SASWCS- Surface Anti-Submarine Warfare Control System
Scan Eagle- Unmanned Air Vehicle
SCS- Ship Control System
SIPS- Scaled Improved Performance Sonar
SOFS- Special Operations Forces System
SRWS- Submarine Regional Warfare System
SSDS- Ship Self Defense System
SSMS- Shipboard Status Monitoring System
SSTD- Surface Ship Torpedo Defense
SSTS- Ship Systems Telephone Service
SWAN- Ship Wide Area Network
TAMPS- Tactical Automated Mission Planning System
TAS- Target Acquisition System
TESS- Tactical Environmental Support System
TIDS- Tactical Integrated Data System
TLTAS- Thin Line Towed Array System
TOPSCENE- Tactical Operation Preview Scene
TSMS- Total Ship Monitoring System
TSS- Tactical Support System
TSSS- Trainer, Stimulator/Simulator System
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