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KITCO Fiber Optics
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Training Testimonials

The Electronics Technicians Association, International wants to acknowledge your substantial contribution to the new SAE Fiber Optic Technician examination.

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‘It’s been a pleasure this week. I’ve been an instructor for the Navy and have gone through several Navy courses. This was one of the best. I learned more in one week here than I did in multiple weeks in other courses. Keep up the good work. Thanks!!”

“Scott Dadaian is a great instructor. His teachings were awesome; he brought my knowledge of fiber optics from a very low standpoint to a complete understanding. His way of teaching was very interesting and easy to keep up with. After being through many naval schools I have to say that Mr. Dadaian has been the best instructor I’ve had the pleasure of being taught by.”

“All topics for this course were taught on a very personal level and easy for anyone to understand. The class environment was fun; I greatly enjoyed Scott’s teaching style. I’ve never had such an easy time learning.”

“Great course! Great instructor – knowledgeable and professional.”

“Very good course. I feel confident going out into the field and doing my job.”

“Outstanding course. Some topics were a little deep, but Kevin did an outstanding job of making sure all students understood before moving on. His knowledge of fiber optics and his teaching skills were outstanding.”

“Awesome class – a week well spent!”

“The instructor to student ratio is better than most training environments. Knowledgeable instructors who have the ability to teach at a basic level of understanding.”

“The instructor was awesome. He did a wonderful job of putting out information. He also challenged the class and pushed us to look for answers.”
“Mr. Dadaian was extremely knowledgeable and very willing to explain any questions the class had. His teaching skills are outstanding; he knows how to keep things fun and interesting as well as put things in a way that allows an average person to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend this class to anyone wishing to be certified in this field.”

“I have to say that Scott was perhaps the best instructor I’ve had in a real long time. He was professional and relaxed. His engaging personality made learning a pleasure. I will definitely recommend this course to everyone I can.”

“Kevin Barks was a great instructor. He was incredibly knowledgeable and very enthusiastic about the subject. It made the course a lot more enjoyable and I felt as though I was taking a lot more information away at the end of the week.”

“Mr. Franceschi is an excellent instructor who shows more enthusiasm for course material than any other instructor I’ve met.”

“The course was very detailed in all aspects…best school I have been to in my naval career. I feel confident in working with fiber optic cables on my ship.”

“One of the best classes I have ever taken.”

“The instructor was outstanding. The most I have ever learned in a Navy class. For the first time I feel that I can fully complete the skill sets learned in the fleet. Outstanding – I am looking forward to sending my sailors to this class in the future.”

“Mr. Hans Berg is one of the best instructors I’ve had. The fact that he enjoys what he does is what makes me want to learn. Wish more instructors could show that much pride in what they do.”

“Excellent instructor and an excellent environment for learning.”

“Mr. Barks is undoubtedly the SME for Fiber. OUTSTANDING JOB!”

“Instructor was very enthusiastic about this training and is very knowledgeable of the subject matter.”

“Scott did an outstanding job in presenting the many challenges of fiber optics.”

“The course was great. Thank you for everything.”

“Excellent instructor! Very dynamic. He is able to make a boring technical topic exciting and fun to learn. We need more instructors that are as dedicated to his job as well as the mission of the Navy!”

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and able to clear up any areas that the class had a hard time learning. The course is very helpful in enabling me to accomplish all aspects of my job.”

“Great course, great info – outstanding Instructor”
  KITCO Fiber Optics has been named for the fourth consecutive year to the Military Training Technology “Top 100” List.  
  The list is compiled by Kerrigan Media International and Military Training Technology magazine from companies around the world that have made a significant impact on the military training industry.  
ETA Test Results Available here!
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• USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) FOCP Working Group
Project Management Institute (PMI)
SAE International – ASD AS-3 Committee

The Navy League

TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association)
• FO-4 Engineering Committee on Fiber Optics
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