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KITCO Fiber Optics would like to assist you in obtaining the fiber optic training you desire. In order for us to most effectively support your training needs, and provide any additional information required, please complete the form below identifying the type of training you are requesting. This information will be used in determining our future training schedule.

Send us your request for details. Please allow us 24 hours during normal business hours to review your request and respond.
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Navy Shipboard Fiber Optic Training Certification Program (NSFOTCP)

The following modules and courses are approved and compliant to meet the NAVSEA Fiber Optic Certification Training requirements as specified and described in: 1) NAVSEA Standard Item 009-123 (FY17) - Fiber Optic System; remove, relocate, repair, and install, 2) NAVSEA Technical Specification 9090-310G - Alterations To Ships Accomplished By Alteration Installation Teams (NO.: TS9090-310G – February 2015), 3) MIL-STD-1678-1 - Fiber Optic Cabling System Requirements and Measurements - Part 1: Design, Installation And Maintenance Requirements, 4) NAVSEA Drawing 8477552 Rev A - Navy Shipboard Fiber Optic Certification Training Program.

These modules and courses have been developed in strict adherence to the requirements identified in the applicable documents listed above. KITCO Fiber Optics has met all requirements resulting in approval and listing on the Certified Fiber Optic Trainers List (CFOTL) found on the NAVSEA website at: (( Successful completion of these modules by a course participant will result in the award of a NAVSEA Fiber Optic Certification for the module completed and such participant will receive a NAVSEA Certification Card authorizing that individual to perform such shipboard fiber optic work as specified.

The following modules make up the content for the NAVSEA Fiber Optic Certification requirements:

• CORE 4 Hr. Module Includes: Theory and Safety

• Blown Optical Fiber (BOF) 32 Hr. Module Includes: Tube Furcation, Cable Splicing, BOF Testing, Forming, Shaping and Routing

• Cable Handling, Penetration, and Repair/Modification 16 Hr. Module Includes: Conventional and BOF Cable Handling, Penetration and Repair

• FOICB/TRB Forming, Routing, Shaping 8 Hr. Module Includes: Forming, Routing and Shaping in an FOICB/ TRB and Cable End Sealing

• Fiber Optic Termination – Single Terminus (Light Duty) 8 Hr. Module Includes: SF Connector Inspection and Cleaning, SF Connector Termination

• Fiber Optic Termination – Multi-Terminus (Heavy Duty) 16 Hr. Module Includes: MT Connector Inspection and Cleaning, MT Connector Termination

• Fiber Optic Termination - Fusion Splicing 8 Hr. Module Includes: Fusion Splicing and Preparation and Attachment into a Splice Tray

• Optical Testing 12 Hr. Module Includes: Inspection and Cleaning, Link Loss, Optical Return Loss, Continuity, MQJ Selection, and Attenuation Testing

• Navy Shipboard Fiber Optic Supervisor/QA 32 Hours + Core Module

This is mandatory training for any person that currently is or has the potential to perform Navy Shipboard fiber optic installations. These personnel include (but not limited to) supervisors, fiber optic QA inspectors, installers/technicians employed by: Ship Builders, SUPSHIP, and Government/Contracted Installation/Repair Teams, AIT’s, Ship/Planning Yards, OSR’s, RMC’s, FMA’s, ISEA’S, and Industrial Activities. All personnel that currently are or have the potential of performing Navy shipboard fiber optic installations in any form (e.g., blowing fiber, pulling fiber, installing connectors, installing fiber optic interconnection boxes, testing fiber optic links, etc.) shall obtain Navy shipboard fiber optic training from a training organization included on the Certified Fiber Optics Trainers List (CFOTL).

These modules are created and provided by the Certified Organization and are in accordance with the training curriculum requirements, as specified in Section 5 of NAVSEA Drawing 8477552.
Any organization responsible for performing fiber optic installations on new construction, alterations, or repairs of ships, whether public or private is required to attend certified training from a Certified Fiber Optic Trainer company maintained by the NSWCDD Fiber Optics Section. KITCO Fiber Optics is pleased to announce we are the first approved Certified Fiber Optic Training Company to offer this training.

In order to more effectively offer this training, KITCO has bundled certain complimentary modules such that multiple modules are presented in a course format.

The following bundles will be offered on a regular schedule basis:

6000-2350- Fiber Optic Cable Installer Training - is designed to support personnel that are responsible for installing conventional and BOF fiber optic cabling aboard US Naval Ships. The 3.5 day, 28 hour course includes the Core, Cable Handling and Forming modules.

6000-2250- Fiber Optic Termination Training - is designed to support Fiber Optic Technician that is responsible for terminating and testing fiber optic cable assemblies onboard US Naval Ships. This 5-day, 40 hour course includes the Core, ST module, MT module and Optical Testing modules.

6000-2450- Fiber Optic Cable Installer & *BOF Training - is designed to support personnel that are responsible for installing conventional cabling and Blown Optical Fiber (BOF) Cabling. Also includes training for personnel who will be performing Tube Furcation, BOF Testing, Forming and Routing in TRBs and FOICBs. The 7.5 day, 60 hour course includes the Core, Cable Handling, Forming, and BOF modules.

6000-2150- Fiber Optic Installer Training - includes all modules outlined for the Fiber Optic Technician. This course is 104 hours or 13, 8 hour days of training. Course includes Core, Cable Handling, Forming, *Blown Optical Fiber, Single Ferrule (SF), Multi Terminus (MT), Fusion Splicing, and Optical Testing.

6000-2900- Supervisor and Quality Assurance (QA) Training
- is designed to for those personnel that are responsible for approving all aspects of the Certified Fiber Optic Installation.
*Note: The 32 hour BOF module does not qualify any individual to use the BOF Blow Head or to blow in BOF fiber onboard any US Naval vessel.

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